Žymos: gumos erdvinio garso garsiakalbis, guma supa, garsiakalbių remontas, dalys, australija, 12 colių skersmens žemųjų dažnių garsiakalbiu, garsiakalbis "twitter", ghxamp, ghxamp tweeter, portabl garsiakalbis, 15 colių woofer, gumos garsiakalbis.

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Prieš pirkti Patarimai: Sveiki,Prašome kreiptis į tikrąjį dydį po pirkimo, "COLIŲ" yra Tik atskaitos taškas,Ačiū. 8-Colių: ( 8-colių yra 4 tvirtinimo taškai ) Gumos krašto, skersmuo: 196mm ± 1% Gumos krašto viduje skersmuo: 139mm ± 1% Didelis burbulas iš diametras: 178mm ± 1% Didelio burbulo viduje skersmuo: 149mm ±1% 10-colių: Gumos krašto, skersmuo: 245mm ± 2% Gumos krašto viduje skersmuo: 185mm ± 2% Didelis burbulas iš diametras: 225mm ± 2% Didelio burbulo viduje skersmuo: 193mm ± 2%, 12-colių: Gumos krašto, skersmuo: 295mm ± 2% Gumos krašto viduje skersmuo: 234mm ± 2% Didelis burbulas iš skersmuo: 280mm ± 2% Didelio burbulo viduje skersmuo: 242mm ± 2% Pakuotėje 2VNT

  • Elemento Tipas: Shell
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: ghxamp
  • Pakuotė: Taip
  • Modelio Numeris: 8" 10" 12" Garsiakalbio Guma Supa Remontas
  • Medžiaga: Guma

Delivery of the order is 15 days, up to the same, the Samara region. Order was tracked. The seller is sociable, sent the order on the day of registration. These pendants quickly cleared. Rubber is soft. softer than the foam on the cone ASMC 4126 diffuser. suitable for this diffuser. I'll take the foam off. I will put these pendants. Thank you seller!
very fast delivery. perfectly meets the description. excellent quality. some measurements differ slightly. When I repair the speaker, I will comment more. I recommend product and supplier.
Tpronin Albina 1984t
All same as listing price quality more excellent packaged in impeccably★★★★★Meritatissime thank you!
Childress 74
All right
Came in a big bag. Not dare-packed well. There are no complaints about the quality-there is even a print on the rubber of the model, which says about the established production. Until I installed on 75 GDN-in winter I do not want to smell acetone when removing the old How to set off the results.

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